Episode Followup – Building a Resilient Kubernetes Platform – Robert Kloosterhuis

Using examples from the field, we will talk about what it actually means to build a highly available, production-ready, cloud native app platform architecture. We will cover distributed application architectures and go in depth about the kind of infrastructural resources they require underneath them, from storage and state concerns to networking, monitoring and, of course, security. And we won’t limit ourselves to only Kubernetes. Building a resilient Kubernetes-based platform requires looking at the entire stack: hardware, data center topologies, VMware vSphere, WAN, VMware NSX, and storage. In other words, the entire stack. We will also cover the vSphere with VMware Tanzu multi-zonal architecture in detail, what this means for data center and high-availability design, as well as disaster recovery scenarios and how to think about failure risk.

Intro music attribution: Artist – MaxKoMusic