Episode Followup – BC and DR for Oracle Workloads on VMware Hybrid Multi-Cloud – Cato Grace, Sudhir Balasubramanian

Enterprise organizations need a modern protection and recovery solution that is capable of quickly recovering databases to any point in time with the least amount of administrative effort from DBAs and backup administrators without impacting the required RPOs/RTOs.
This session will focus on how to architect modern business continuity and disaster recovery solutions for business-critical Oracle workloads on VMware Hybrid Multi-Clouds environment. This session will also inculcate best practices which needs to be taken into consideration when setting BC and DR for critical workloads. VMware technologies like VMware SRM, vSphere Replication , Array Based Replication , VMware Sire Recovery (VSR) , VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery (VCDR), Snapshots , Clones will be discussed in the context of providing BC/DR to Oracle workloads

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