Episode Followup – What Git Metrics Can Tell You About Your Team presented by Dwayne McDaniel

Tonight we are again joined by Dwayne McDaniel (@mcdwayne) who will be helping us explore what Git Metrics can tell you about your team. In this interesting talk, Dwayne helps us align DORA (DevOps Research and Assessment) metrics to metrics that can be discovered in your git environments. With this data, we can measure and discover insights that may help in closing gaps in inefficiencies in our release cycles

Dwayne has been working as a Developer Relations professional since 2016 and has been involved in the wider tech community since 2005. He loves sharing his knowledge by giving talks and he has done so at over a hundred events all over the world. Dwayne currently lives in Chicago and outside of tech he loves karaoke, seeing live music, and doing improv.

https://cloud.google.com/blog/products/devops-sre/announcing-dora-2021-accelerate-state-of-devops-report https://linearb.io/blog/git-analytics/