Episode Followup – Unlocking the Potential of Events for SDDC Automation presented by Michael Gasch (@ebano1), William Lam (@lamw) and PK (@pkblah)

Michael, William and PK join us to discuss how VEBA enables event based automation for vSphere.
Every VI Admin knows that little toolbar in vCenter Server showing the Tasks and Events happening in their environment. This is commonly used to track progress of an operation and can also be used for auditing purposes. However, did you know you can do so much more with these events? Imagine if you can trigger specific actions based on a particular event, e.g. “VM powered on” or “Host in Maintenance”. And we are not talking about sending an email using the default vCenter Actions here. What if you could do something more interesting by leveraging these events, like sync’ing with Git repos, scanning a VM for vulnerabilities, automatically allocating a DNS entry from your IPAM system or send a Slack update using a scalable event-driven workflow, with minimal code required, in any language you like? Resources:
vmwarecode.slack.com #vcenter-event-broker-appliance
dl-veba@vmware.com – email feedback and ideas