#vBrownBag TechTalks at VeeamOn – The Schedule

It is finally here! Monday of next week is the start of three days of TechTalks at VeeamOn in Las Vegas. The TechTalks will be held in the Veeam Studio located in the Bristlecone Ballroom at the Aria. If you cannot make it to the Veeam Studio, or to VeeamOn, then you can still watch the stream on this page here.

A big thanks to Veeam for having the vBrownBags at VeeamON again. Looking forward to seeing you at VeeamOn next week! 

Monday, October 26th
05:15 PM Rasmus Haslund – Top 10 Common Performance Misconfigurations
05:30 PM Joe Gremillion – Veeam One reporting and optimization in a virtual environment
06:00 PM S Perriman & D Kawula – Hacking Virtualization: Security Best Practices for Virtualization Admins
06:30 PM Tim Doering – Always-on with HP and Veeam
06:45 PM Rick Vanover – Veeam with SQL Server and Oracle: How do we get along with DBAs?
Tuesday, October 27th
08:00 AM Joe Gremillion – Joe’s Storage View on the 3160 setup
08:15 AM Kevin Russell – ExaGrid-Veeam Accelerated Data Mover
08:30 AM Andrea Mauro – How backup strategies should follow different storage architecture?
09:00 AM Jason Thomas – NTFS:What could go wrong?
09:15 AM Federico Venier – StoreOnce and Veeam Integration via Catalyst
09:30 AM Steven Rodin – How Veeam fits into your overall data protection plan
09:45 AM Eddie Perez – Tales from a Backup Nerd..The EP Story
10:00 AM Vince Vaughan & Mark Koester – Don’t forget your backup target!
11:00 AM Bob Haas – Pivot3 – the HCI efficiency difference
11:30 AM Jorge De La Cruz – [Spanish] Email Security: Stop sending postcards to your Customers
11:45 AM Chris Vacanti – The Stunning Benefits of Storage Snapshots
12:00 PM Chris Vacanti – [Portuguese] The Stunning Benefits of Storage Snapshots
12:15 PM Clint Wyckoff – The “Headless” Horseman – An Early Look at Nano Server
12:45 PM D Kniazev & K Stoner – What is the Veeam Vanguard program?
Wednesday, October 28th
12:00 PM Dave Kawula and Super Cristal – #MVPHour – Live Ask us Anything Chat
1:00 PM Jim Millard – Certs 101

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