Three levels of (in)dependence from Multicast in VXLAN by @davidmirror

This guest post is by David Espejo, who blogs at, where you can find his back catalogue of posts. David writes in Spanish, so if you don’t speak Spanish be sure to use a browser that will translate for you. Find out more about the guest blogger program here.

It’s been a long time since my last post, and as always, I appreciate the opportunity that the vBrownBag community offers me to publish here. I’ve been on the road with a growing list of project deadlines due to a new consultant role that I accepted, but I’m learning a lot so I hope to share all that new knowledge here.

In this occasion I will talk about what has often been cited as the main barrier to VXLAN adoption: the requirement of Multicast in the physical network and the resulting operational burden of deploying and managing such requirement.