VMware Recovery Manager – IP Customization by @btkrausen

This guest post is by Bryan Krausen who blogs at ITDiversified, where you can find his back catalogue of posts. Find out more about the guest blogger program here.

As mentioned in this article, there are many variables to take into consideration when deploying and configuring VMware Site Recovery Manager. When failing (or testing) your virtual machines from site to site, decisions must be made on what cluster will they start on, what priority will they be failed over, and what, if any, scripts will be executed after fail over has occurred. An equally important step is ensuring that the VMs can communicate on the correct network at the surviving site. VMware SRM has multiple ways of handling customization of a VM’s IP; one that is “automated” using IP Customization Rules and another that is completely manual, set configurations per VM.  Both are explained and shown below.

Note: Site Recovery Manager supports customization of the same guest operation systems which vSphere 5.5U2 supports. Check the document here for a support matrix.