Podcasting for Cancer

Wow, it’s been an amazing first 24 hours or so.  Earlier this week a fellow community member Gabriel Chapman @Bacon_Is_King tweeted about having lost his father to cancer a year ago and now his mother’s was spreading.  Shortly after Trevor Pott @cakeis_not_allie started to engage the community and seeing what we could do.  Myself and other community members jumped on board offering assistance.  Trevor came up with the idea to start a fundraiser where all the proceeds would go to the American Cancer Society as a donation on behalf of the Chapman family.  We would produce a series of quality community driven podcasts for donations from the community.  So Podcasting for Cancer was born.

PodCasting for Cancer

Soon after the community quickly engaged, Gabe Chapman posted the following on his blog:

Cancer Can Suck It

The virtualization community jumped on this with the same passion and persistence they do with technology and support started gaining quickly.  The #vDB guys made a huge donation of $1000.  Several community members donated various amounts; in fact there have been 30 now.  Within a little over 24 hours we have raised over $3000 for this worthy cause that affects most families in this day and age.  The PodCasting for Cancer team and vBrownBag want to THANK YOU for all your support in this endeavor.