Couch to OpenStack – Nova Follow-Up

Thanks everyone for coming along last night. To recap, we:

  • Used git to clone the Couch to OpenStack repo
  • Used Vagrant to stand up the ‘controller’ and ‘compute’ VMs
  • Use the Vagrant shell provisioner to install
    • Ubuntu Grizzly repos
    • MySQL
    • KeyStone
    • Glance
    • Nova
    • Setup .stackrc with environment variables
  • Discussed the OpenStack Compute services and scenarios for Multi-Node OpenStack deployment

For those that missed it but are playing along at home, here are the resources:

GitHub Repo

Google Plus Community

Nova Documentation

vSphere Integration Resources

Nova-vSphere Integration:
Nova-vSphere Integration:

Video: Couch to OpenStack – Nova

#vBrownBag Couch to OpenStack – Nova Compute with Trevor Roberts Jr. (@VMTrooper) from ProfessionalVMware on Vimeo.

Slides: Couch to OpenStack – Nova

You can find this and all previous episodes on iTunes and your favorite RSS reader.  If you are not registered for the live show yet, you can do so here!

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