#vBrownBag Presenter Spotlight: Gurusimran Khalsa

Gurusimran Khalsa is the featured vBrownBag Presenter this week. Gurusimran, aka GS, is a Senior Consulting Engineer for Presidio. He has presented multiple times for the vBrownBag podcasts on the topics of Security as well as VCAP Exam experiences.

In his free time, GS is one of the leaders of the New Mexico VMUG, and he even does production work for the vBrownBag programs. Rumor has it that GS can do a pretty spot on Arnold Schwarzenegger impression, but you didn’t hear that from us.

You can catch up with GS at his blog (vBrownCoat) as well as on Twitter.

Click the media player below for our interview with GS (Firefox users may need to click HERE).

You can also download the interview from the vBrownBag iTunes Podcast.