vBrownBag Presenter Spotlight: Kenny Coleman

This week’s spotlight features Kenny Coleman.  You may know Kenny from his posts on vCloud Director and other vTopics at www.kendrickcoleman.com or from his appearances at the vBrownBags presenting vCloud Networking and VCAP DCA content.  He is an infrastructure architect for VCE focused on enterprise datacenter technologies. In his daily role, he is responsible for being a design and integration expert on many VMware products.

The upcoming VMware vSphere Design, Second Edition book will feature vCloud Director content from Kenny, and it is expected to be released in the first half of 2013.

During the course of the interview, we found out that he is a bit of a horror aficionado and participates in his neighboorhood’s annual Halloween on Hillcrest event.  Also, if you want to challenge anyone on 80’s movie trivia, you might have a hard time going up against Kenny (“Sweep the Leg!!!”).

Our interview with Kenny can be heard by clicking the media player below (Firefox users may need to click HERE)

The interview can also be downloaded from the vBrownBag Podcast on iTunes.

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