VI is dead… Long live VI…

So the big news last week was that VMware decided it’s time to rename VMware Virtual Infrastructure (or VI as the peeps on the street are calling it these days) to VMware vSphere. The current version seems to be staying on the VI title and the next version will move to this odd naming structure.

So far they’ve renamed a LOT of their products, Virtual Center became vCenter Server, VDI became VMware View, and many of the other DC level products moved into the VMware vCenter group.

So far some of the theories on why oh why VMware decided to confuse us all with renaming everything (some marketing itch no doubt) seem to surround brand protection and separating the name from other vendors now in the same space (Hyper-V and Hypervisor for example)

Pretty much everyone has blogged about it so far, so we’re the last on the boat, but Cody’s not here and I’m getting old.