HALP! My Virtual Infrastructure Client Events Have Disappeared!

This is one of those settings that you only find when you need. Today, I needed it. While writing another post, I decided to go back and get the text of an error that I encountered. This can be done in the VIC by editing the client settings, and then “Lists” in order to grab[…]

Using VIX to Defrag Windows Guests

Why? Because it’s awesome, that’s why. Below is an example, complete with syntax and screenshots on how to defragment a windows guest using VMware’s VIX. Here is what it looked like before: Here is the command used from the host where VIX is installed: C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware VIX>vmrun -T esx -h https://vCenter.server.com/sdk – u domain\user -p[…]

Increase Simultaneous VMotions as well as Increase Performance

I’ll set the scene a little…   I’m working late, I’ve just installed Update Manager and I‘m going to run my first updates. Like all new systems, I’m not always confident so I decided “Out of hours” would be the best time to try. I hit “Remediate” on my first Host then sat back, cup[…]

Adding VM’s to Inventory

The worst has happened. That sexy ESX host that you spent ages building and perfecting went south. For some reason, the raid you built was corrupt, and now you’ve re-installed ESX. With luck you had your VM’s on some shared storage (SAN, iSCSI, NFS). Or… You’ve just SCP’d over a metric boat load of VM[…]

Screenshot Tour: VMware Converter 4 Beta – Linux Conversion

Screenshot Tour: VMware Converter 4 Beta – Linux Conversion After some fighting, I was unable to get the Windows Converter 4 package installed on my XP VM. However, I did have some great success in installing Converter 4 and converting an Ubuntu 8.04 LTS virtual machine. These screenshots begin after converter is installed. We has[…]