Using VIX to Defrag Windows Guests

Why? Because it’s awesome, that’s why. Below is an example, complete with syntax and screenshots on how to defragment a windows guest using VMware’s VIX. Here is what it looked like before: Here is the command used from the host where VIX is installed: C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware VIX>vmrun -T esx -h – u domain\user -p[…]

Increase Simultaneous VMotions as well as Increase Performance

I’ll set the scene a little…   I’m working late, I’ve just installed Update Manager and I‘m going to run my first updates. Like all new systems, I’m not always confident so I decided “Out of hours” would be the best time to try. I hit “Remediate” on my first Host then sat back, cup[…]

Screenshot Tour: VMware Converter 4 Beta – Linux Conversion

Screenshot Tour: VMware Converter 4 Beta – Linux Conversion After some fighting, I was unable to get the Windows Converter 4 package installed on my XP VM. However, I did have some great success in installing Converter 4 and converting an Ubuntu 8.04 LTS virtual machine. These screenshots begin after converter is installed. We has[…]