VCAP Prep BrownBags – Now With 200% More Vouchers

That’s right folks, VCAP Exam vouchers… Thanks to Jason Boche for making these available to us as prizes. That’s right, prizes. You didn’t think there wouldn’t be work attached did you? So here’s the game, in two rounds: Round 1 – Lightning Round I have a set of Q&A flash cards, the kind that have[…]

VCAP-DCA BrownBag Section 8 – Scripting & Automation

For this round, we’ll be covering the Scripting and Automation section of the VCAP-DCA Blueprint. What does that mean? It means PowerCLI, it means VMware Orchestrator and vMA. It also means some fun demo’s and interesting flash-cards. Details: Date: 1/5/2011 Time: 8PM EST Register: About the BrownBag Series The BrownBag series are an ongoing[…]

vFail BrownBag Follow-Up!

As promised, the video is indeed online and embedded below: Video: ProfessionalVMware/vFail VCAP-DCA BrownBag Objective 1 from ProfessionalVMware on Vimeo. Slides! Vcap dca section 1 View more presentations from ProfessionalVMware. Show Notes: Uber Celerra VSA – Storage Blogs VCAP-DCA Resources….html iSCSI Multivendor Post Pluggable Storage Architecture How[…]

VCAP-DCA Brown Bags – Sign up now!

The survey results are in! In summarized form: Most of you prefer Wednesday’s, mostly in the evening. The suggestions were mostly: a) Make sure your lab works and b) Consistency. As far as format, of the options I presented (Lecture, Guest Speaker, Open Discussion, Live Lab) all weighed about equally. Finally, most of y’all are[…]