Small, Sleek, and Sexxy – New EMC Celerra VSA

Nick Weaver, posted an update to the EMC Celerra VSA, or Virtual Storage Appliance. The build has rightfully been dubbed the -Uber edition. Here are a summary of his changes: 1. Completely automated install: On first boot a configuration wizard will ask a few questions and automatically reboot. On second boot everything is configured and[…]

Safe and Natural VMFS Enlargement! – Extend or Grow VMFS and Why You Should Care

Now that I have you at attention, let us take this time to talk of things. Important things. The things your parents never told you about VMFS. First let us start with some definitions, each of these will be taken in the context of VMware Virtualization using ESX/vSphere, and VMFS, but you knew that, didn’t[…]