PoSH Article of the Week! – Secure Credential Storage

While glancing over at PoSH today (the tiny turtle) I was inspired to do a bit of thinking and talking about using PoSH. Specifically the VI Toolkit, it really wouldn’t be blog worth otherwise would it? What I got thinking on, and what someone on irc clued me into, was storing credentials. Why store credentials?[…]

Virtually Secure – HyTrust Launches Virtual Security Appliance

HyTrust today came out of quazi-stealth mode and released it’s security virtual appliance. It now comes in 6 new flavors of bacon-like goodness. Ok, so not bacon, but just as awesome! From the press release: The new HyTrust Appliance features the following key benefits: Consistent Control – access and configuration controls are enforced consistently across[…]

HyTrust Beta Video Tour

David Strom recently reviewed HyTrust Appliance on his blog:   HyTrust offers managers and administrators of VMware’s ESX virtual infrastructure a centralized, single point of control for hypervisor configuration, compliance, and access management that is both secure and easy to use through ordinary Web browsers.   We tested the RC version of the product in[…]

Tapping ESX – Network Sniffing Your VI

So while ESX 3.5 (not sure about i) may have tcpdump and tcpslice: [root@esx root]# tcp tcpd      tcpdump   tcpslice They’re of limited use, at least with the way ESX implements networking, vSwitches after all, are good and proper layer 2 devices. Now, that is not to say you couldn’t do something with arp poisoning, but…[…]

Virtualization Security Round Table Podcast

Edward Haletky, a regular on VMTN, and the VMTN round table podcasts, is starting his own spinoff, the “Virtualization Security Round Table Podcast” The first show, scheduled for Thursday at 2:30p EST, is going to feature the following topics: Use of Virtualization in a DMZ. Review of security lockdown standards/benchmarks and tools Virtualization Security in[…]