Automation 101 – VMware Tools with Orchestrator

We’ll skip the reason you need tools installed. We’ll also skip a bit on the other ways to do this in PowerCLI. Rather, we’ll bring you a way to do this in Orchestrator. Note: If you’re not using vCO, you should be. Why? I covered that here. Additionally, there are some excellent vCO resources here.[…]

Automation 101: vCenter Orchestrator – Set Custom Attributes

vCenter Orchestrator… It’s power is only exceeded by it’s mystery. Or so we thought… We’ve touched on vCO a number of times in the past. So much so that I’m actually writing a book on it (Yes that was a shameless plug…).  What follows now was a special request from Maish Saidel-Keesing brought about by[…]

Automation 101 – Rescan HBAs (Orchestrator & PowerCLI)

No story this time around, just some HBA rescanning love: PowerCLI Get-VMHost | Get-VMHostStorage -RescanAllHba vCenter Orchestrator In the vCO Client, open “Workflows” & Drill down to “Library > vCenter > Datacenter”: Right click, “Start workflow…”: Finally: “Submit” Summary Questions? Comments? Follow me on Twitter here or drop a line in the comments.

vCenter Orchestrator on VMware Press!

So this thing here happened. More importantly, the work I’ve been doing is now public: “Automating Day-to-Day Administration of VMware vSphere 5.x w/ vCenter Orchestrator” This hands-on technical guide to automating vSphere with Orchestrator teaches administrators how to save time and resources by automating their virtual infrastructure. Automation expert Cody Bunch teaches valuable practices and[…]