Link Dump – 3/12/12

I’ve again hit the point where Chrome was eating up too much memory. Thusly, here’s what is currently in my open tabs: PCoIP, Win 8, iPad – Resource Pool Shares & vCD – vBenchmark – Building Block Scaling – Use vCO to manage View – vCenter 5 API for Guest[…]

Open Tabs – Week ending 3/2/2012

That time again… time to close out a metric boat load of tabs. In no particular order: vCO.Next Sneak peak – Mike Laverick’s VCP5 experience – An evolved “enable FT” PowerCLI function – ESX System Analyzer (Pre-ESXi Upgrades, etc) – MMM Numa Numa Numa – Some vSphere/ESXi 5 Lab experiences –[…]

Open Tabs–Week ending 2/17/2012

Yes, it’s only Tuesday, but I need to get some of these tabs closed if for nothing else but to reclaim the memory. That said, there are some good ones. 24% of IT shops, no performance monitoring – vSphere Alarms & PowerCLI (This area needs much more coverage) Setting alarms with PowerCLI More[…]

Open Tabs 12/13

In a not so regular thing, I often find myself with a metric boat load of open tabs related to all things VMware, Virtualization, and cloud. Some of them are even worth sharing, so that’s what follows: VMware IO Analyzer – This is well worth a read. Basically VMware has released a fling to[…]