VCAP DCA Voucher Give Away – Round 2, Live Lab

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends… On this week’s BrowBag we’re giving away yet another VCAP-DCA voucher. As we talked about before, round 2 will be a live lab. What do I mean? The first person who meets these two requirements by Tuesday, February 15, 2011: Has a workable solution to[…]

VCAP-DCA Voucher Winner!

And then, there was a winner! Matt Liebowitz is the winner of the first VCAP-DCA Voucher! Congrats sir. Details will be e-mailed to you shortly. Stay tuned, we still have at least one more voucher to give away. This time with a live lab! Now, onto the video, flash cards, and correct answers: Video ProfessionalVMware[…]

VCAP Prep BrownBags – Now With 200% More Vouchers

That’s right folks, VCAP Exam vouchers… Thanks to Jason Boche for making these available to us as prizes. That’s right, prizes. You didn’t think there wouldn’t be work attached did you? So here’s the game, in two rounds: Round 1 – Lightning Round I have a set of Q&A flash cards, the kind that have[…]