Episode Followup – Bias and Ignorance in Continous Delivery with Christian Tragesser

Christian Tragesser is senior DevOps Engineer for WWT “As a consultant, I???ve participated in many projects intended to improve the velocity of custom software development, application resiliency, and a preferred customer experience. Often, continuous delivery accompanied by a myriad of DevOps-related tools are targeted solutions for realizing these characteristics. However, many efforts fail to achieve[…]

Episode Followup – What Git Metrics Can Tell You About Your Team presented by Dwayne McDaniel

Tonight we are again joined by Dwayne McDaniel (@mcdwayne) who will be helping us explore what Git Metrics can tell you about your team. In this interesting talk, Dwayne helps us align DORA (DevOps Research and Assessment) metrics to metrics that can be discovered in your git environments. With this data, we can measure and[…]

Episode Followup – Everything I Wish I Knew About AWS Certification with Andrew Brown

CEO of ExamPro and AWS Hero, Andrew Brown walks us through how to study for an AWS exam, where you should get started, and what you should do after you pass! He also provides insight into which track you should follow based upon which job you are aspiring to get! Resources: https://www.exampro.co/ https://twitter.com/andrewbrown https://www.slideshare.net/ChrisWilliams33/what-i-wish-i-knew-about-aws-certification-2022

Episode Followup – Flying Blind: Real-Time Video Analytics w/ #Python & OpenCV with Leah Ellis-Clemons

Data Scientist at World Wide Technology, Leah Ellis-Clemons gives an overview of the specific considerations for implementing machine learning models in Python in real time including OpenCV and Multiprocessing… She gives us a live demonstration of her code as well! Resources: https://github.com/LEllisClemons/Lego_Detector_Realtime https://www.kaggle.com/code/databeru/classify-bricks-compare-transfer-learning-model/notebook https://www.kaggle.com/datasets/joosthazelzet/lego-brick-images https://www.linkedin.com/in/leah-ellis-clemons-6230aa68/ https://www.udemy.com/course/python-for-computer-vision-with-opencv-and-deep-learning

Episode Followup – APIs Aren’t Just For Developers Anymore with Shannon Kuehn

Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, Shannon Kuehn (@shankuehn) walks us through a brilliant introduction on what a APIs are, REST vs SOAP vs XML, and how YOU can start using them straight away! Resources: https://twitter.com/shankuehn https://www.linkedin.com/in/shannonkuehn/ https://425show.com https://www.postman.com/ https://youtu.be/NXhKhuILxYw

Episode Followup – What is OpenShift and what does it have to do with Kubernetes?

Tonight will be talking with Diamond Jorsling (@EngineeredCurlz) covering OpenShift; what it is, why it is awesome, and how it compares to vanilla Kubernetes. Diamond is an SRE who focuses on DevSecOps. She works with all things RedHat, AWS, CI/CD, and Containers. She currently works with Microsoft focusing on RedHat Openshift. She provides an overview[…]

Episode Followup – Squeaky Clean Code by Kristi Perreault

Principal Software Engineer in Serverless Kristi Perreault (@kperreault95) gives us a master class with “Squeaky Clean Code: How to develop and adopt better coding practices” where we learn how to be thoughtful with our coding design and processes. We really enjoyed this session!! Resources: https://twitter.com/kperreault95 https://kristiperreault.medium.com/