Episode Followup – Using PowerBI to report on your infrastructure presented by Greg Bates

Greg Bates (@pensrule82) shows us how to supercharge our reporting skills and going past manual Excel reports with an introduction to PowerBI, and how he leverages different data sources such as a custom excel inventory sheet, vRops reports and WSUS patching database data to create reports that help him in his job as an IT[…]

Episode Followup – Building a K8s lab in 40 minutes with Matt Crape

Matt Crape (@MattThatITGuy) gave us a good introduction to Kubernetes by guiding us through building a simple K8s lab using K3s and Linux VMs. He explained basic concepts, used some of the recommended exercises and listed some of the resources that can be used to continue learning. All his code is available in GitHub: https://github.com/mattthatitguy

Episode Followup – Frances Wong VCP-NV NSX-T 2.4 2V0-41.19 study guide

Frances Wong @frances_wong on twitter shows the study guide she did for the VCP -NV based on NSX-T 2.4. She goes deep into her preparation, resources, material and even taking the test remotely. If you used her guide, let her know! Resources: https://virtually2cents.com/nsx-t-2-4-study-guide-support/ https://www.vmware.com/education-services/certification/vcp-nv-nsxt-2019-exam.html

Episode Followup – vSphere 7 Security News You Can Use presented by Bob Plankers

Bob Plankers (https://twitter.com/plankers) continues our vSphere7 series with a look at new security features and guidance in vSphere 7. Resources: https://twitter.com/vSphereSecurity https://www.vmware.com/security/advisories.html https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Validated-Design/services/introduction-to-security-and-compliance/ https://github.com/vmware/dod-compliance-and-automation

Episode Followup – vSphere 7 with Kubernetes for the vSphere Admin presented by Mike Foley

Mike Foley (https://twitter.com/mikefoley) continues our vSphere 7 series with a look at vCenter 7 with Kubernetes. Mike walks through some of the architecture and workflows of administering Kubernetes on vSphere 7. Resources: Mike Foley’s Blogs: https://blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/author/mike_foley Micheal West’s Blogs: https://blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/author/michaelwest vSphere 7 Hands-on Labs: https://blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/2020/06/announcing-the-vsphere-7-hands-on-labs.html

Episode Followup – What’s new with vCenter Server 7 presented by Nigel Hickey

sNigel Hickey (https://twitter.com/vCenterNerd) kicks off our vSphere 7 series with a look at vCenter 7 server. Nigel will highlight both improvements to existing features as well as some new goodies! ?Resources:?vSphere 7 blog – http://vmw.re/vsphere7 vSphere Upgrade Center – https://www.vmware.com/products/vsphere/upgrade-center.html