Azure Monitoring and Operations with Ben Di Qual (@bendiq)

Hey guys, this is Ken Nalbone and Luis Ayuso. Ben Di Qual adds to our Azure series with a demonstration on Azure Monitoring and Operations. We take a look at the Azure dashboard and monitoring capabilities, both overall and within specific application stacks. If you’d like to ask Ben Questions, reach out to him on[…]

Supermicro Build Day Live Wrapup

Another, very educational, Build Day Live event completed, and I still find that each event feels different. The Build Day Live with Supermicro felt like I was learning a lot about the company and not so much about the specific product that we deployed. I already knew that Supermicro is a server vendor in their own category, not an all-encompassing behemoth like some of the other big vendors but not just an assembler of components like some lower cost vendors. I knew that Supermicro designs and manufacture their servers and that their engineering is top notch. What I didn’t realize was that the engineering and manufacturing happens in San Jose for products shipped to US customers. I didn’t know how good Supermicro is at re-using engineering across product families using modular designs. I also had no idea that there are a complete range of Supermicro data center network switches.