August 27, 2012

#vBrownBag TechTalks Live

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Our TechTalks are ten-minute presentations by community members at an industry conference. They originated with our friend’s sessions not being accepted for the main conference catalog. We know we want to learn from the community so we arranged an alternative forum. TechTalks are limited to ten minutes; they deliver the very core of an idea. Keeping presentations short also means we can do a lot of sessions in a day. Most TechTalks use a slide deck, some use a whiteboard and a few brave souls do live demonstrations. TechTalks are delivered to a small live audience at the conference and then posted to YouTube. We like to live stream the video from the conference, you know what conference Internet is like so there are no guarantees of streaming. If the stream is live it will appear below.

The #vBrownBag TechTalks will be live at the following upcoming events. Recordings, streaming, etc. Basically, an intense week of technical, community-driven content.  If you’d like us at your event, or would like to sponsor us, please email Alastair Cooke at 

28 September 2020 | vBrownBag TechTalks before VMworld 

The schedule is below the video window.

vBrownBag TechTalks before VMworld Schedule

TechTalks will broadcast on Monday 28 September until we run out of TechTalks. I have put a few different time zones on the schedule, check out the start time in your time zone here. The videos will play through Twitch, or you can watch the premiere on YouTube. Once the broadcast completes, we will get the individual TechTalk videos posted to YouTube and update this schedule with links. If you would like to participate in real-time, we will be hanging out in the Orbital Jigsaw community with a whole lot of other community participants who you might have met at VMworld or your local VMUG.

9:006:0014:0023:00Karol BoguniewiczvSphere and VxRail REST API: get started in an Easy Way
9:156:1514:1523:15Doug BernhardtDeploying SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters on Kubernetes with Ansible
9:306:3014:3023:30Sachin BhardwajOverview on NSX-T microsegmentation
10:007:0015:0000:00David EspejoData persistency options for Kubernetes
10:157:1515:1500:15Susan SharpeDebug your VMware Installations ‘On the Go’ with Dell EMC CloudIQ
10:307:3015:3000:30David SantosNSX-T Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks
10:457:4515:4500:45Chris NoonAutomate NSX-T using Terraform
11:008:0016:0001:00Itzik Reich & Paul MitchellAccelerating adoption for Tanzu: Enterprise Storage and Data Protection for Kubernetes Workloads
11:458:4516:4501:45Brian ReynoldsVM Performance Innovations: Protecting Mission-Critical Applications
12:009:0017:0002:00David EspejoDistributed Systems principles for IT pros
12:159:1517:1502:15Gina RosenthalBuild your own online adventure
12:309:3017:3002:30David SantosVIO and NSX-T easy button for OpenStack deployments
12:459:4517:4502:45Patrick KremerSkills modernization for the Virtual Infrastructure Admin
13:0010:0018:0003:00Jim ShookCyber Recovery – How much can you afford to lose?
13:3010:3018:3003:30Rohan Naggi5 Ways VMware SD-WAN Enables Network Transformation
14:0011:0019:0004:00Darin SchmitzEnhance your VMware Cloud Foundation Deployment with Existing Investments
14:3011:3019:3004:30Dean LewisHorizon on VMC – Consideration and setting up a lab environment
14:4511:4519:4504:45Rob HirschfeldBootstrapping the Infrastructure as Code way
15:0012:0020:0005:00Nivas IyerAccelerating Adoption for Tanzu with Velero and PowerProtect Data Manager
15:1512:1520:1505:15Richard KenyanCatastrophic Failure: Tails from the Trenches
15:4512:4520:4505:45Milind HalapethProviding a Consistent Experience from Cloud to Edge with Boundaryless Data Protection
16:0013:0021:0006:00Sathish SampathHybrid Cloud and Disaster Recovery Solutions with VMware Cloud on AWS
16:1513:1521:1506:15Jason BocheMigrating Off SQL In The vCloud Director 10 Appliance
16:4513:4521:4506:45David KlebanovConquer Multi-Cloud Network in 1-Click
17:0014:0022:0007:00Lawrence Chiu & Gopala SuryanarayanaThe Next Frontier: Deploying Object Storage with VMware Cloud Foundation
17:3014:3022:3007:30David SantosGetting started with NSX-T 3.0
18:0015:0023:0008:00Marco AbelaPowerStore AppsON: Running Virtualized Applications Inside a Modern Storage Platform
18:3015:3023:3008:30Dean LewisGetting started with the “VMware Appliance for Folding@Home”
19:0016:0000:0009:00Aditya KrishnanTake Guesswork out of VDI Troubleshooting for your WFH Workforce
19:3016:3000:3009:30Richard ColbertHow Does Dell Technologies Offer a Low-Cost Data Protection Solution?
20:0017:0001:0010:00Emmett KaczmarekVMware Automation: Modern Data Protection at the Edge, Core & Cloud
20:3017:3001:3010:30Ian BreitnerWhy Edge Computing will Drive New Architecture Models and Impact Your Application Modernization Plans
21:0018:0002:0011:00ShashiKiran ChdambaramContainerizing Database Applications for Agility, Performance and Scale
21:3018:3002:3011:30Mark StockhamData Protection for Multi-Cloud in VMware Environments
22:0019:0003:0012:00ShashiKiran ChdambaramSimplifying High Performance Machine Learning Solutions for Elastic Stack
22:3019:3003:3012:30Arles Pereira de Sant AnaVXRail – Tips and Tricks
23:0020:0004:0013:00David SantosGetting started with NSX-T 3.0 and K8s
23:1520:1504:1513:15Dale HassingerHow to use vRealize Operations as your monitoring “Single Pane of Glass”

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