April 12, 2014

GS Khalsa

Who Are you?

Gurusimran “GS” Khalsa

Where do you work?

VMware – Tech Marketing – Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

Which vBrownBag Podcast do you work with?

Behind the scenes on all of them – I help with getting them added to everyones iTunes/Podcast feed. I also help out at conferences, and co-hosting US shows.

What Certifications do you Hold?

VCP 4,5 – VCAP DCA & DCD 5

Why did you volunteer to work with vBrownBag?

I’ve gotten so much from the BrownBags (how I passed both of my VCAPs) that I wanted a way to give back.




www.vbrowncoat.com & www.vupaas.com

Favorite Recipe?

Garlic sauce bean curd (sorry, if I gave you the recipe I’d have to kill you)

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